There’s No Place like Idahome

    Capture a Little Piece of Home with Native Idaho Designs

    Story by Rachel Holt, Photo by Nelson Ingrad & Thinkstock

    “I have a huge passion for the culture and geography here in Idaho. Being an artist and designer I translate that to my art. ‘Idahome’ started as a sketch, but has become something special for everyone with a connection to Idaho. It’s a beautiful place, I just couldn’t help myself,” says Corey Warren, founder and artist of Idahome Shop.

    Idahome Shop is a growing ecommerce business founded by Warren, who grew up in Ketchum Idaho. Idahome products include hats, shirts, sweaters, water bottles, hoodies, and stickers all bearing the name “Idahome” and the iconic Idaho outline.

    Idahome was originally designed for another company in 2011.  While that first company didn’t last, the Idahome concept proved popular, so Warren took it to his new company in 2013. Two Idahome designs are available: the classic design featuring the outline of the state and mountainous scenery, and the topographical design that shows different terrains of the state.

    The name for Idahome came from Warren’s experiences in high school. Warren remembers, “I used to ski in high school. We would drive by a small town with Idahome written on the sign near the Idaho Utah border. The concept of home resonates with people—everyone longs for their home. There’s a lot of symbolism to home, both in the sound and the word.”

    Products for the Idahome Shop are mostly sourced from ethical manufacturing companies. Ethical manufacturing is manufacturing that takes special eco-friendly considerations and employs values of social responsibility. Most of their shirts are made by American Apparel (made in the USA) and Independent Trading Co., which manufacture under WRAP Certification. WRAP Certification is from the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production group, an independent nonprofit that promotes safe, lawful, and humane manufacturing around the world through certification and education. Warren says, “It’s super important to live by example. I’m part of a generation that is aware of things like manufacturing, marketing, and globalization. If you participate in the capitalist system, you should vote with your dollar and choose products that are responsible. We do all we can to put that into practice now, and we hope to do more in the future.”

    Idahome Shop also tries to source products locally or domestically when it can, using local screen printers and embroiderers as well as having their water bottles manufactured in Yakima Washington by Liberty Bottles.

    “Doing business locally, we’re trying to support real people. We’re tying in to smaller communities. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s a starting place for my company, and as we grow we hope to hone in more to that. It’s about responsibility and accountability.”


    Merchandise from Idahome Shop is available on their website as well as at six Zumiez’s locations in Idaho. Ask your local retailer to carry their products! Idahome Shop will also be at Treefort this year in the Merch area.

    For more information about Idahome Shop check out their website at or do a quick search for them on Facebook.






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