Yoga Pop


By Shelly West

Where yoga and pop music meet to create a new kind of physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

Founded by Jason Allen Carr, YogaPop is based on the idea that yoga isn’t just about exercise, but about finding your balance through modern visualization and music.

“My business is called YogaPop because I use pop culture references, instead of using Sanskrit, a lot of people don’t know what it is. And also, a lot of people get confused about what yoga is. You know, it’s a philosophy not a religion and a lot of people don’t understand that because of the spiritual aspect of it.” He adds, “I use pop culture references to get people where I want them to go in their yoga journey.”

To aid in this process, he uses visuals from iconic artists like Michael Jackson, “You know when you step on this planet, you are leaving your energy in your footprint. Wherever we go, we are exchanging electrons from the earth to the body. I use the Billy Jean video to add a visual such as where he steps down into the square and it lights up below him, or when he flips the quarter to homeless person, showing an act of kindness, and the cup lights up. When I teach kids yoga, they request that video, they love it.”

In early 2017, Carr started teaching his innovative classes at Edwards Greenhouse as part of their annual Pop Up Park. Embracing Carr as part of the Edwards Greenhouse family, YogaPop has become a regular part of the greenhouse experience.

A greenhouse for a yoga class? Absolutely! Just imagine yourself reconnecting with the earth, sitting among flowers and plants, protected from the outside elements but still communing with nature. During the winter months it may be a bit chilly, it is a greenhouse after all, but during the spring and summer you can also find Jason guiding his students through a meditative journey on one of the nursery lawns.

Carr places a strong emphasis on balancing mind, body, and spirit with focus specifically on internal exploration.

“YogaPop is unique to Boise as there is no one else offering a yoga experience within a greenhouse. It has a constantly changing atmosphere and environment that changes with the seasons and allows the student to become more in tune with earth energies and plant life,” says Carr.

If doing the downward dog amidst seedlings and potted plants isn’t your thing, YogaPop offers yet another unique experience at the Balcony Club downtown Boise. “I am offering a different playlist every week in a club environment during BOGO Happy Hour, while taking some of the seriousness out of yoga and to have a good time. I want my students to appreciate the art of music and to interweave the magic of music into their experience while still achieving the mind, body, and spirit balance.”

Using lights, music, and video, Carr provides a multi-sensory experience for his students. Guiding them through a light and music journey to self-exploration, while simultaneously keeping it fun set to music like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and The Spice Girls.

Carr has plans to eventually expand the YogaPop experience. In the mean time, you can find him at Edwards Greenhouse 4106 Sand Creek St. Boise just off Hill Road. Or at The Balcony Club 150 N 8th St #226, Boise.

For more information about YogaPop and up-to-date class schedules, visit Carr’s website at or go to his Facebook page at