Paddling Out


Boiseans take to the fall weather

by Chelsea Chambers

photography by John Webster

Idaho is chock-full of recreational activities, especially with fall in full swing. It seems that the whole city of Boise gets out and active with swimming, camping, hiking, cycling, and fishing. There are a few underutilized pastimes that are inexpensive and entertaining. With the fall season color changing and cool breezes blowing, it’s becoming more and more a requirement to spend time near the water.

Paddle boating has been around for years, and is known as one of the most relaxing activities in Boise. If you’re looking for family fun, a peaceful moment of solitude, or a great way to get to know you’re new romantic interest, then look no further! Paddle boating offers light exercise and a closeness to nature you can only get from being on the water. From April to October, the Julia Davis Paddle Boat Rental shop is open for business. Rentals are highly inexpensive – to rent one boat for a half hour is $8 dollars and only $12 for an hour. You can fit up to three people in the pontoon-style boats, but there are also bird-shaped boats that seat two. As you slowly drift across the pond, you can feel yourself becoming more relaxed; the boats become a welcome respite from the toils and stresses of daily life. It’s a great way to appease and entertain children and adults alike.

GB_TheDirt_092014_smallBoating isn’t the only paddling activity that has hit Boise. Stand up paddle boarding (also known as SUP) is rapidly becoming more prevalent and inexpensive. If you’re for a more sun-filled way to spend your day, then head to the Corridor Paddle Surf Shop—conveniently located in Garden City near Quinn’s Pond and in the Sandy Point State Park. You can rent the boards for anywhere from two hours to an entire week and prices range accordingly. It’s $25 dollars to rent for two hours, $50 for a whole day, and only $150 for the week.

If coasting around on Quinn’s Pond isn’t enough to keep your attention and energy level high, then there are a variety of classes to try on the boards. Idaho River Sports offers beginners SUP boarding classes, a variegated array of yoga sessions, and fitness classes to keep you both active and entertained. The classes are taught by certified ACA (American Canoe Association) SUP instructors and are a great way to spend the day treating your body to physical activity, accompanied by a sunshine-given dose of vitamin D to keep your bones strong and your mind sharp.