Some New Recruits

    Talentpair Shows Us a New Way for Startups to Recruit

    by Pierce Koehn, photos by Amanda Antilla

    Sitting in the heart of downtown Boise, a new company is helping startups find talent for their company. Talentpair, founded in 2014 has set out to create a better way for companies to recruit. In the past a company would have to post a job offer online and they would be inundated with employees and vice versa. Talentpair’s method is different.

    “Talentpair is a little different, which is a great advantage for Talentpair. Essentially we are taking 20 years of recruiting experience from an existing company, Quest Groups, and turning that into Talent Pair,” said Joe Kosakowski, founder and CEO of Talentpair. Before starting Talentpair, Kosakowski was, and still is, the CEO at Quest Groups, another recruiting firm in Eagle. Through his experience in recruiting the idea for Talentpair was born.

    “There is an algorithm that will match and pair the essentials from a culture, personality, the vertical, the size of companies, as well as the skillset that’s necessary with the candidates we currently have,” said Kosakowski. Talentpair takes the guess work out of recruiting and allows software to find the best match for a company. This automation simplifies and speeds up the entire process. Instead of just looking for talent that fits your jobs basic requirements, Talentpair finds people who not only meet those requirements but would flourish in the company as well. Finding the proper candidates allows companies to succeed and helps employees find a place where they fit in perfectly.

    “Basically what Talentpair is doing is eliminating the inefficiencies and the time wasted on me as a candidate finding a job and me as a company tying to hire the perfect person,” said Roumena Kratchunova, marketing strategist for Talentpair.

    Although Talentpair is centered in Boise, most of their work still takes place in other places. The first market they hope to enter is Portland, Oregon where they have an office, and in the future they plan to enter into the Silicon Valley of Northern California and New York. They hope to scale within Boise and the ultimate goal for the company is to have offices in every state across the country.

    Talentpair is one of many startups in the Boise area. According to Angel List there are 101 startups in the Boise area alone and this number keeps increasing. Boise is quickly becoming a great city for tech, with a university supplying the workforce and its proximity to the Silicon Valley and Seattle. Boise also offers many other advantages versus these other cities.

    “Cost of living, and salaries, and it’s Boise, Idaho. It’s beautiful here,” Said Kosakowski when asked about what the advantages of being in Boise are. Talentpair is an example of the success that startups can find in Boise and in Idaho in general. Nowadays, it isn’t strictly required to be in San Francisco or New York to succeed. In addition to this, the cost of living and the overall growth of the city is making it seem like a more attractive choice for potential startups.


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