Bridging the Gap between Local Artists and the Community

By Haley Grugel

Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Boise is a thriving community full of local talent and creative minds. Walking down the streets in the downtown area boasts innovation—from the amazing architecture to the many murals, BOSCO has set out to connect our community to the visual arts by promoting a greater understanding between the public and local artists. The non-profit organization that currently has more than 70 artists involved aims to bridge the gap between artists, collectors, and the public.

BOSCO’s artists come from many different facets of the community. I spoke with Cindi Walton, a contributing artist and current head of social media. Cindi explained that she’s always been a creative person but took her first fine arts class when she was 30. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 2002 and says, like most artists, “she breathes and dreams art projects.” She originally graduated with an emphasis in ceramics but has since moved to painting. Aside from painting, Cindi is also an accomplished illustrator. Over the last few years she has illustrated a few children’s books and even has her own line of Christmas cards. When asked what she thought our readers should know about the organization she stated, “that BOSCO will introduce you to a talented and creative collective of local artists.”

Bonnie Peacher, current president of BOSCO and acrylic painter (has worked with several other mediums as well), was inspired in childhood by a slideshow presentation featuring Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and more. Bonnie says that since then, her realistic painting style is designed to, “capture that special moment, person or place that tells a story.”

BOSCO holds a yearly open studio weekend that gives the public an opportunity to visit member artists’ studios. The event is held yearly the second week of October (this year October 12th, 13th, and 14th). You can download a map of studios on their website or pick one up at the pre-event. The event gives the public a chance to watch artists in their own environments. People can walk through different member’s studios and observe demonstrations, works in progress, and finished art. The collection of artists hosts a wide range of mediums including paint, metal, fiber, glass, photography, and assemblage to name a few. Cindi says that her work with the organization has been, “a great opportunity to get to know other creatives and it is so inspiring to see the talent and imagination of all the BOSCO artists.” This year’s open studio will include art from 60 different members. Prior to the actual open studio event BOSCO hosts a preview on October 5th at the Boise Art Museum.

If BOSCO sounds like something you would like to be involved in for 2019, you can apply online at their website to be a member. Membership is open to any artist with a studio in the greater Boise metropolitan area including Ada, Boise, and Canyon counties.

BOSCO works to bring a way for our community to experience and appreciate art by bringing the public into places that are a creative outlet for its members. The organization give these hard-working artists the time and opportunity to connect and bring Boise together in a beautiful creative collective. As Bonnie says, “I believe art represents the highest of human achievements, it is a necessity, not a luxury in life and should be accessible to everyone. As our city grows, Boise’s exciting and vibrant art scene continues to expand, and Bosco is an integral part of that.”

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