Bright Spots of Boise – Miranda & Andrew


Bright Spot: a good thing that occurs during a bad or difficult time.

The coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe is an extraordinarily strange and challenging time.  As we are shuttered in our homes, collectively concerned about our health, our finances, and our neighbors, we are finding there are bright spots in this fundamental shift in how we relate to others and the world. To share your bright spot please email

Miranda Heikkilä- Palacio, Performer, Creative Content Designer, Event + Program Coordinator
Andrew Heikkilä- Palacio, Performer, Digital Marketing
Household: It’s just us and our chaotic-neutral kitty — Charlemagne “Scary Terri” Terriz

Miranda: “Being around Andrew and Terri all the time has been a beautiful thing. I definitely feel like it’s brought us closer. I’ve also been gaming A LOT. Live streaming Dungeons & Dragons with The Bottlecap Brigade has given me a social and performative outlet with a group of people, most of which I have yet to meet in person, but that I would definitely now call friends. The VR1 Arcade home delivery service gave me a much needed weekend of being an elven badass fighting orcs and dragons and having dance parties with robots. The isolation can definitely be claustrophobic at times and the uncertainty of the world nauseating, but getting out of my head and into my imagination has been a source of light.”

Andrew: “It’s easy to take things for granted. It’s easy to feel like you deserve everything you have, so you’ll always have it. What’s not easy is reflecting on what you TRULY have after all of that gets stripped away. Even worse is realizing that may be hiding under all the trappings of a “busy” and “on-the-go” life in a pre-pandemic society was a “you” that you’re not really that crazy about. A lot of things get put into perspective when you become trapped with yourself. Fortunately, quarantining provides plenty of time to analyze faults, identify opportunities for growth, and instigate change from within. We can’t live in that old world anymore — the one where we pretend we’re in control of everything around us… because the only thing you’re truly in control of is what goes on inside of you. The only thing you can truly control is yourself. Better to make it the best self you can.