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Why Advertise With Us?

Eagle Magazine is a higher-end product, printed on quality paper stock that produces sharp images, brilliant colors and rich texture. High-quality magazines tend to have a long shelf life – they stick around an average of three months according to statistics; this means your ad is being seen multiple times by readers. For example, the same copy of the publication might be passed around from person to person in an office, seen by multiple patients, clients and/or residents.

This “pass-along” rate is generally thought to be about 2.5 readers for high-quality magazines (10,000 circulation x 2.5= 25,000 in readership). They are often used during this time as an information source, increasing the potential number of times your ad could be read. Eagle Magazine tends to be read over several days, again offering multiple opportunities for your ad to be noticed.

For advertising please contact:

Tia Crabtree
Eagle Magazine