Courageous Kids Climbing


2Courageous Kids Climbing is based in McCall and coordinates free rock wall climbing and bouldering opportunities for children with special needs as well as supports the Courageous Kids Scholarship Fund at the University of Idaho.
Event organizers point out that they have accommodated children who are visually, hearing and physically challenged as well as those children with developmental challenges. RIT Safety Solutions of Twinsburg, Ohio has donated a special harness to be used with those children who suffer from physical challenges.
Doty Belt of Sacramento, California has also donated special straps to assist in lifting children with physical challenges.
Event coordinator Jeff Riechmann said, “We often get children who are afraid of heights.1 We work slowly with each child to help them overcome their fear. Nothing is mandatory. We had a young lady at one of our events that never climbed higher than a foot above the mats during the entire two hour event! We also have accommodated a young boy with cerebral palsy and gave him the chance to feel what it is like to go rock climbing.”
Riechmann stressed that all participants are required to wear a climbing harness and climb under the supervision of experienced rock climbers who volunteer their time.
If you would like to learn more about the Courageous Kids Climbing, contact Riechmann at or visit the Courageous Kids Climbing page on Facebook.