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– Heather A. Brown, RDH, MPH

Floss like a Boss!

It’s amazing what goes on inside the human mouth and how it affects our overall health. There are 100s of different species of bacteria that call our mouths home. Often at the same time. What they can do to your teeth is the subject of another article, but let‘s just say it’s certainly not pretty, and not always beneficial. What to do about it?

The constant, resounding answer shouted from the rooftops should be, Brush your teeth!

Yes, brush your teeth, please and thank you. Be aware though, you’re cleaning about 60% of your teeth when you only brush. Not a big deal? Look at it this way, do you take advantage of a sale when something you want to buy is 40% off? Yes, because it’s a good deal and 40% is a lot, right? Leaving 40% of your teeth uncleaned is a lot, but in this case, it’s bad to take advantage of that. So what do we do to clean the parts of your teeth the brush can’t reach? You guessed it, floss.

Flossing is more than pulling a string between your teeth. Flossing disrupts the rockin’ parties of bacteria that gather below the gum line where it’s dark and oxygen-free, it dislodges food particles bacteria thrive on, and keeps your gums healthy, helping you avoid gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

Your overall health is directly affected by your oral health. A daily oral care routine which includes flossing is a great way to help fight infection, keep a bright smile, and stay healthy.

And remember my “flossophy:” floss like a boss! What’s your “flossophy?”