Finding Hope for the New Year


Meet Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO)

By Janelle Stear

Photograhpy by Kimberlee Miller

“I have a reborn belief in the human spirit. I witness people’s resilience and strength every day and it’s given me hope in what we can achieve together as a community,” reveals Kate Nelson. Along with Kate, let’s remember those in need all year long, especially how we can learn from each other in the process.

Kate is the Economic Opportunity (EO) Program Director at Jannus Inc., headquartered in Boise. She leads the EO team in their mission to “Remove barriers to [help] underserved and vulnerable people realize financial health and resiliency– all contributing to greater self-sufficiency, stronger families, and a more vibrant, local economy.” Jannus EO is a nonprofit community resource that empowers economic mobility and creates lasting socioeconomic change. From family stability to business dreams, Jannus EO enables people to succeed and live the lives they want.

Serving the Hearts of Individuals

When you walk in EO’s door, they make a connection with you, and make you a part of their family. “We focus on supporting our customers and clients holistically. We know that a person’s sense of belonging and value in the community are just as important as material wealth. Poverty isn’t just about money; it is about having control over one’s life. Our job is to remove barriers so that each person we serve, whether they are a homeless veteran, single mother, or recently settled refugee, can succeed,” as Kate explains. She mentions they recently supported a single mother to become a business owner, which led to her purchasing a house, employing others and supporting her adult children with their college education. Kate adds, “I’m not interested in short-term outcomes, we want to create, with our clients, lasting impact. We’ve seen this happen, we know it is possible, and we are ready to grow this impact in 2019.”

Services Jannus EO Provides:

  • EO Microlending

Lending options to help individuals, families, and communities realize financial health and resiliency.

  • EO Business Development

Business support services to improve financial security through self-employment.

  • EO Refugee Childcare Business Development

RCBD helps refugees open in-home childcare businesses that provide affordable and safe care for children.

  • EO Starling Project

A multi-cultural women’s mentoring program growing a movement of future women leaders.

  • EO Credit Building

Credit education, one-on-one coaching, and credit builder tools to lay the foundation for financial resiliency.

Jannus EO delivers support in many ways, from general assistance to population-specific programs, all working collaboratively through strategic partnerships and public-private or community-based efforts. Susan Sawyer oversees outreach and communication at EO and adds, “We (EO) are continually reaching out to build partnerships with other organizations so that together we can do a better job of reaching those that can benefit from our services.”

Jannus EO is one of three pillars of Jannus Inc., a nonprofit human services organization that also includes Public Policy and Community Health. Jannus has been changing lives for more than 44 years by successfully helping individuals, families and communities in transition — from infancy to healthy childhood, from illness to health, from refugee to working citizens, and from isolation to community.

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