Prairie Medical


Supporting Your Journey

By Janelle Stear 

Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Tina, aka “Tink,” founded Prairie Medical ten years ago when she saw a need for more personalized care for patients who suffer from vascular disorders. She created the company on the belief that everyone deserves an improved quality of life, no matter the circumstances. This past year, Tink’s company branched out and opened the valley’s premier mastectomy boutique. Her vision was to create a serene, spa-like environment that would house all the necessary post-Mastectomy products.

The boutique carries post-Mastectomy breast forms, swim forms, lumpectomy forms, post-surgical camisoles, head wraps, jewelry, and much more. Prairie Medical has three certified mastectomy fitters that will ensure you are properly measured and fitted for both your form and your bras. Marie, the boutique manager, is very knowledgeable and can help fit even the most stubborn of profiles. 

Tink explains, “I wanted to create an environment where women can walk in and get the best products available.” Marie and the staff work one-on-one with a patient to educate them on the different choices available, helping to ease them on their journey to health. According to Tink, “Prairie medical is one of the only mastectomy boutiques in the Pacific Northwest that offers custom made breast prosthetics utilizing noninvasive, 3-D picture technology.” Custom made forms are lightweight and fit based on your chest wall structure and are worn next to the skin. 

The Prairie Medical Mastectomy Boutique is a spa-like experience. When a woman comes in for an appointment, she is treated like royalty, fitted, and provided with a plethora of products to try on right there. The boutique is filled with sparkly bracelets, knitted hats, and beautiful bras on display, as well as dressing rooms that are reminiscent of French Style with comfortable chairs, muted colors, and silky dressing robes.  

Prairie Medical offers women over eighteen different bra styles, and three different styles of silicone breast prosthetics. They also have enough product in stock that customers can leave with selected items that day!

Tink and Marie both agree their job is not so much about selling products, but rather, making relationships with women who have gone through so much during their treatments. Tink wants all women to know their Mastectomy Boutique is an “environment that lends itself to healing as part of a woman’s journey.” Prairie Medical is “a place where, if a woman wants to break down and cry, [the ladies will] be there to listen… make them feel whole again.” They understand the difficult journey. Tink and Marie want you to feel comfortable during this part of the recovery process. 

Prairie Medical also offers other specialized medical equipment including compression garments and pneumatic compression therapy for lymphedema, chronic edema, venous stasis ulcers, non-healing wounds, and even treatment for pediatric lymphedema. Tink believes in helping patients of all ages and needs recover faster with personalized therapy and superior medical equipment. 

Check out their website, for more information about their services, or contact them Monday through Friday for an appointment at 208-928-9134.