The Unique Craft of a Specialized Artist


Meet Greenbelt’s Cover Artist: Lorelle Rau

By Janelle Stear
Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Imagine the sound of paper tearing, the sound of flames crackling, or cards shuffling. Step inside Lorelle Rau’s studio to see and hear her meticulously creating an abstract composition synthesizing brilliant reds, greens, and yellows. She blends her materials to create rich contours and textures of scenes in nature.

A contemporary collage artist and a professional art consultant, Lorelle’s inspiration is our local Idaho landscapes. She says, “When you’re in the backcountry, the higher you hike the more the mountain contours flood your field of vision.” Her unique cut paper art exemplifies her individualized perspective. The experience and rawness of the natural world has always been an integral part of her creative process.


As a young girl watching her mother meticulously mold clay into beautiful ceramics in Fort Lauderdale, Lorelle learned to appreciate the intimate manner in which we can use our hands to create stunning pieces of artwork.

Lorelle mixed her love for art and business into earning a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Art Management from Appalachian State University; she earned a MA in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design. She began her affluent career working in the collection management and curatorial departments at the University Art Museum. She also served as curator for the student art gallery at Appalachian State before moving to D.C. to work at the Corcoran Gallery of Art/College of Art + Design.

After D.C., Lorelle worked for five years as an art consultant at a private firm in Virginia, before moving to Boise two years ago. “Boise has been very welcoming and the art community is incredible.”

From her wealth of experience working in the art world, Lorelle recently started an art-consulting firm to help local businesses, healthcare facilities, and homeowners select artwork. Lorelle says, “I have a knack for listening and getting to know [the clients]’s style, brand, and message and being able to help match them with finding the right art.”

Lorelle also relishes in collaborating with other creative individuals.  When she moved to town, she joined local artist groups, Boise Open Studios (BOSCO) and the Swell Artist Collective. By being able to display her art beside other fantastic valley artists, Lorelle has been able to immerse herself in the artistic world. 

“I love that Boise has a ton of support for artists.” Her advice to emerging artists is to: “put yourself out there, join an artist group, and be proactive with your art.”

Lorelle will be working at the Capitol Contemporary Gallery in Downtown Boise when it opens this winter. You can also visit her at her home studio where you can check out her art in person (by appointment).