Alter Egos


Art Work by Ashley Dreyfus

By Ryon Morrin

Photography Kimberlee Miller

Several weeks ago, artist Ashley Dreyfus completed a daunting task: creating a drawing every day for 365 days straight. Committing to an endeavor with such consistency requires immense discipline; it also has the potential to transform an individual in the process. For Ashley, it was an experience which fostered the development of herself as an artist, helping her to refine her skills and more importantly, discover the subjects and elements which truly define her distinctly unique style. Beginning with an Instagram page, Dreyfus says that the self-imposed obligation to share her work with others was a way she held herself accountable throughout the duration of the challenge. What was once a hobby turned into a creative venture which has given her a rightfully earned spotlight within the Boise art community.

As a child, Dreyfus displayed a natural ability in the realm of visual art long before she ever considered taking her passion to a higher level. At just 12 years old, she pushed her artwork into the public sphere, foreshadowing her newly-realized entry into a community of creators. Dreyfus is looking to utilize her gift as a means to start an art career, but also to remain committed to helping and encouraging other creatives following their own paths. Her message to young Treasure Valley artists? “Challenge yourself to something new that may not seem achievable.”

Dreyfus challenged herself, and the results have been profound. Inspired by the likes of notable pop artists Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, her vibrant and colorful digital artworks pop off of the page (or screen). Her original characters, whom she titles “Alter Egos” are what she describes as “humans in their most natural form.” These genderless, carefree individuals play, dance, and ultimately live within a world where comfort zones are nonexistent, ihibitions are gone, and danger is nowhere to be found. Dreyfus created the Alter Egos and their alternate world as a form of relief, and the sentiment these pieces represent resonates with her followers.

She shows no signs of slowing down, forging ahead with the goal of creating new works, especially focusing on large-scale mural projects. Already, she has created two pieces in Boise’s beloved Freak Alley Gallery, as well as beautifying a local traffic box which can be found on River Street across from Payette Brewing. Volunteer opportunities are a primary focus for Dreyfus, including window painting recently at downtown restaurant, Tasso, as well as at Slow by Slow Coffee during Treefort 2018.

You can view her stunning collection of work on her Instagram page, If you would like to contact Ashley, visit her website,